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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to get my hands on the Huion GT220V2 pen monitor and have since been using it for all my projects. Before I continue, though, I should clarify that this is not a review comparing the GT220V2 with its competitors. Instead, I will only be talking about my experience with this graphic IPS pen display. Also, Huion was very generous to send me a model so I could test it.

Please Note:
As a graphic designer, photoshop and illustrator are the programs I use the most for my design projects. On the other hand, Corel Painter is my software of choice to create art. Having said that, I can only share the experience I have had so far with the GT220V2 on these three specific programs.

Without further delay, let’s begin!


The Huion GT220V2 came in a very secure and well-organized package. It contained all the items described below:

•21.5″ Huion Graphic IPS Display GT220V2
•Rechargeable Stylus Pen
•Pen holder
•Eight extra nibs
•Cables ( Power, HDMI, USB, VGA )
•A Screw Driver
•A lycra drawing glove (nice surprise)
•Screen Protector (Anti-glare) already assembled on
•A Microfiber cloth
•User’s Manual
•DVD disc containing the Drivers
•Thank You Note


Stand Assembly | Cables | Driver Install:

It took me no more than five minutes to assemble and complete the installation; attach the stand, plug the cables in and install the driver. The whole process went smoothly, and I did not encounter any issues. However, be aware that if your computer does not have a VGA connection, you will need to purchase an adapter. Luckily, I did have one at home. And so, I was able to finish the setup and use the monitor straight away. Also, it is worth to mention that I am using the GT220V2 connected to a Macbook Pro. Hence, I can only speak about its performance or installation process on a Mac. On the same note, please be advised that when I am using the GT220V2, I designate it as a primary device; therefore, it mirrors my computer’s screen. Then, the applications you see at the bottom of the display are installed on my computer and are all part of the Apple’s operating system; except for the third-party programs: Corel Painter, Evernote, Firefox, PhotoSync, and Google Chrome.


During the first hour of usage, I noticed a communication issue where the screen would turn black and then the “no signal” message would appear. I checked the cables, reinstalled the driver, and that same behavior kept showing up. A quick search on Google revealed that a few other people had experienced the same thing. Surprisingly, the fix was very easy and had nothing to do with the tablet itself. Apparently, a driver I had installed on my computer for my previous tablet was causing the problem. Once I uninstalled it, the problem was forever gone, and I had no further issue. So, remember to uninstall any drawing tablet driver you might have installed on your computer before the installation of the GT220V2 driver. Please, have in mind that THIS is what have worked for me.

Express-Keys or Hot Keys:

Personally, the fact that the GT220V2 does not have hotkeys is neither a big deal nor a deal-breaker. I am very comfortable using the keyboard when needed. Also, I set the “up” and “down” buttons on the pen to the commands I most use. So, with a single click, I can undo an action or bring the “right-click” options right on the screen. Therefore, in my experience, not having hotkeys available is not an issue.

Using the pen buttons to activate right-click and undo commands. 

Overall Performance:

With a 21.5″ HD LCD monitor, the Huion GT220V2 offers a good image resolution and no angle view issues, except for the reflection on the screen (if drawing without the screen protector).
Drawing on a glass screen felt different, at first. Two days later, I was very comfortable with and quickly got used to it. I tried drawing with the gloves on and off, and particularly, it feels great with the gloves off. I guess it comes down to the pressure you put on the pen, how “heavy” is your drawing hand and also, the speed of your movements. For my Flowers Project, I create very detailed floral arts (in Corel Painter). For instance, when drawing small details, I not only hold the pen firmer as I also move my hand much slower. For this purpose, I find that not having the gloves on, helps a lot! On the contrary, when I am working with adobe illustrator, which has a more controlled environment, wearing the glove makes quite a difference. With this in mind, I can say that drawing on the glass screen —glove on or off—may feel awkward at first, but it will go way as soon as you become familiar with it.

Drawing for hours on this pen display, I didn’t experience changes in the monitor temperature, any crash or unresponsive behavior. So far, I am genuinely happy with the Huion GT220V2.

 Perfect size HD monitor.

Angle view. No issues.  Screen without the protector film.


Pen pressure and overall performance are great. I did not experience lines breaking, nor I had any problems with the total drawing area. I was able to complete my projects from start to finish without any trouble. I had used a Wacom tablet in the past and can say that there isn’t any difference in the quality of the work I produced on a Wacom in comparison with the ones created on the Huion GT220V2. Moreover, regarding the pen, while I have seen a review where the reviewer points out that the pen feels “cheap and plasticky,” all I can say is that although it is indeed lighter than a Wacom’s pen, it does get the job done! Another key point, the pen came fully charged. I have been using it for weeks and not once I had to charge it. On Huion’s website, it states that it will carry out a total of 800 hours per charge.

close-up details of art created on a Huion GT220V2 pen display.

close-up details of art produced on a Huion GT220V2 pen display.


In conclusion, I am delighted to use the Huion GT220V2 for my work. In my opinion, it is a great pen display at a reasonable price. The GT220V2 is currently priced at CND$829.00 + taxes, on Huion’s store.

Additionally, I had a great interaction with the people at Huion, all the questions I had regarding the device, were promptly answered in a very professional and friendly manner. They have made a fantastic customer support impression on me.
Do I recommend the Huion GT220V2 to anyone looking to transition from paper to digital or looking to upgrade from a graphic tablet to a pen monitor? Absolutely.

To find more about the Huion GT220V2, please click here. This link will direct you to Huion’s website.

March 8th, 2017

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